Sunday, April 29, 2007

Agunot and Broken Promises

Since I am traveling, it might be hard to write, but I am going to try. I know in an earlier post I promised i would not keep on ranting about the Agunah issue. I lied. Sort of. I received a response from "anonymous" who identified themself as a family member. Their email to me was critical in nature, saying that writing about this merely added "fuel to the fire and made things worse". The utter irony is that what i actually did in my post was to defend Michael Milgraum, someone I do not know who is the brother of the alleged recalcitrant husband. I also took the opportunity to criticize JOFA, (an organization that i like very much) for putting out information suggesting that the Jewish community boycott Michael Milgraum. I said then, and i reiterate, that there was something about that that felt wrong, and i wrote about it in the earlier post. I decided to include the email that i received it in its entirety with the following proviso: The Agunah issue is an ugly issue. I don't know the specifics of the Milgraum case. I do know that there are usually two sides to most stories, sometimes, only one side is true. In this case, I don't know which side is the true one. Here is the email that i received:
Note: At the request of family members, I have deleted the email referenced herein. It is out of the concern for their feelings that I have done this, and feel very strongly that the issues raised both above, and in the more recent post of 5/3/07 need to be addressed.


Barbara said...

As DV counselor - its frequent that family of the abuser will start smearing the victim. This may or may not be the case here - but ask for HARD PROOF of their claims. Not heresay. Documentation, etc.

Why would a wife take money and not take the get? Sounds odd to me but I could be wrong.

Mottel said...

I think the family was insinuating that the ex was paying alimony and child support. Over the years, it added up to a lot. I know several of these cases, and documentation is hard to get. But being fair is what I was i was trying to get at.