Monday, April 02, 2007

Not your grandfather's Malaga wine - Just in Time for Passover

If you are like me then you have begun to appreciate the new Kosher wines. Today, there are hundreds of varieties from literally all over the world. I just picked up a new one from South Africa, though I have had South African wines before. When I was in Israel two years ago, i had the opportunity to be at a wine tasting that featured Dan Rogov, the pre-eminent wine connoisseur and he told us about the dozens of new kosher Israeli wines that were coming out, and how they were world class. And now we have proof! In the April edition of Wine Spectator magazine, they feature a review of 25 kosher wines. We have truly made it to world class status. It is great. So tonight, at the Seder, no malaga or heavy, sweet wines for me. We can all enjoy a nice Cabernet, or Merlot. It's enough to make an observant Jew intimidated. But in the infamous words of Dan Rogov at that taste testing a few years back, "the best wine, no matter how much it costs, is the wine you like to drink best!"


donald said...

My favorite kiddish wine is Tokay chilled. Not too sweet and not a sipping wine like a merlot which by the way gives me a headache.
Afterall one needs to polish off 4 cups in a timely fashion. A guest brought us a bottle of Herzog Chardonnay and I offrd that I will drink it during Shulchan Orech but, alas, I forgot to open it. So if you hurry down my way, we could tell some stories with it.

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