Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random thoughts of spring

In the spring, it is said, a young (if I can be politically incorrect) man's fancy turns to thoughts of love. Or hooters, anyway. That seems to be the most important news all over the blogosphere this morning is the proposed opening of a hooters in Tel Aviv. My friend Dave, mourns the death of Israeli culture with this milestone. There are others, who find this moment in time an inspiration, an ode to Theodore Herzl's notion of the fulfillment of the Zionist dream. Ok, I guess even I think that goes a bit too far.

Picture from Israelity.com

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XYZ154 said...

Could it be that Israel, despite its difficulties with its neighbors and its own citizenry (we can start a separate blog on which is worse and which may ultimately lead to Israel's demise), has finally and simply become "normal"?

If the dream was "l'hiot am chofshe b'artzeinu" (to be a free nation in our land), then Herzl and company may just be smiling and ordering up another round of wings and a bucket of iced Rolling Rocks.