Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks DovBear, Boston Legal, and other tidbits

Well, thanks to Dovbear, I had the highest traffic rate yesterday of any day since I started writing my blog. Thanks to all you who have visited. Come back and leave me comments.
I must confess. I am a Boston Legal addict. If you have never seen the show, it is definitely must see TV. In addition to seeing James T. Kirk (William Shatner in Star Trek) in a lawyer's role, James Spader, who I used to hate, I now love. Anyhoo, one of the more fascinating things about this show is that it often has a Jewish twist. The writers have recently focused on the relationship between Denny and Bethany. (the Jewish "little person") Bethany, who plays a Jewish Lawyer has had an on again/off again relationship with Denny. Most recently it is off, because Denny, who is the least politically correct person in the world tells Bethany that he cannot accept Israel's politics, and thinks that they are wrong. They never really go into what is actually wrong with Israel's politics, but when Denny discloses this to Bethany, she dumps him again. Later in the show, in a heartfelt talk between the two of them, Bethany says to Denny that Israel is a country whose survival is tied to its politics, and not accepting that, is the same as not accepting her as a Jew. She says that since Denny doesn't understand that, they cannot be together.
Denny later, in the traditional ending scene, sits on his veranda with Alan, sipping scotch and smoking a cigar and says, (I paraphrase) "Alan, do I have to accept Israel's politics?" Alan says no, but here is the clincher, he says something to the effect, that Denny does not have to accept it, but since he has never lived there and is not Jewish, it would be impossible to understand it.
Who's writing this show? I want to meet them. And thank them. It is refreshing to hear such unwavering support for Israel in a prime time network TV show. And one that I like, to boot!
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