Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who'd a thunk it?

That my little blog would be discovered one day. And so soon! And used against me!!! Here I naively thought I would spew a few random thoughts from time to time for my own amusement, have a few select friends and relatives see it, and relax. Of course I had secretly hoped that someone might come along for the blogoshphere ride,but as a true novice here, it seems as though I have become fuel for the fodder of at least blogger out there. (
How flattered was I when I saw that someone clear (almost) across the country chose to use my little humble post as his lead article for the day.
And I was going to write a long post in response, perhaps utilizing some more "left wing rhetoric" but decided against it. I am not writing here to engage in battle with someone who holds a different point of view. In fact, if anyone has been reading what I have been writing, it is the diametric opposite of that position. The few posts I have tried to write so far were about being more open to other thoughts.
So let me turn to something completely different. Today, I (through my agency) will be sponsoring a program called "Intimacy, Desire, Domesticity and Eroticism: What Does Judaism Have to Say About it?"
by Esther Perel. ( Esther, a family therapist, talks a lot about how being in a relationship with kids, stresses and the like affect a couple's ability to have an intimate relationship. So far, the sign ups have not been great, but i am hoping for a nice turn out. Esther is supposed to be great. I will let you know tomorrow how it went.


Annie said...

Esther is a great speaker.

Thanks for the link on your sidebar. And also for defending YCT (I have a special place in my heart for them, as they've provided me with many great speakers/shiurim). There are a lot of people who feel threatened by the idea of "Open Orthodoxy" which I do not understand. They wouldn't want charedim/chassidim telling them how to live, why then do they look left with such derision?

My parent's rabbi says that it is like we are all standing in a circle. Everyone to our right is crazy, and everyone to our left is wrong.

Mark Einhorn said...

I noticed you edited the wording a little since I posted Yated article reaches intended audience.

"...this is why we need Chovevei. So that our women will not be beaten because they want to daven."
...this is why we need Chovevei. So that women like the one mentioned above will not be beaten because they want to daven. And so they will not be invisible."

First, are you serious? NO orthodox rabbi (Chareidi or otherwise) sanctions this kind of violence. (for fairness I state that "the bus driver denied that [the woman] was physically attacked in any way.") Find me one documented legitimate right-wing rabbi who supports this kind of behavior.

You make it seem like women are beaten every day for not adhering to Chareidi standards. Do you have evidence of this?

General reported Chareidi violence (which I don't believe is prevalent) in opposition to non-Torah Judaism is an Israeli phenomenon, not an American one. And again, this type of violence is not sanctioned by any widely-recognized Jewish leadership.

Also, I am not sure by what you mean "this is why we need Chovevei"? To do what and where exactly? Please elaborate.

Here's the reported story:
Woman beaten on J'lem bus for refusing to move to rear seat

donald said...

You are the new Melech, a Star in the blogsphere.

Mottel said...

Annie, you are right! Esther was amazing! Which is your link?

Mottel said...

I don't want to get into a p*****ng match, but here is what I have to say. I am a center right, for lack of a better term,Orthodox Jew. I am, however, not afraid to challenge the status quo. It comes with the territory. I may have edited and paraphrased, but I believe the essence of that story was true. Can i prove it? No, I wansn't there. Just as I believe the the "bleach patrols" in Meah She'arim are true. And that women's clothing stores now need Hashgacha. (That psak was posted on the internet) I sometimes lament that we try so hard to observe yiddiskeit, that we forget that humanity should come first. And that was the essence of the comment "this is why we need chovevei." I believe, that while they may not, and this is the funny part, always line up with my way of thinking, they are WILLING TO THINK, and take positions, which are usually grounded in their understanding of Halacha. I know you will disagree with me, and that is ok. After all, there are "shiv'im panim l'torah." Chovevei is only taking one.

Mottel said...

Donald... Thanks! I hope you are right.