Thursday, March 01, 2007

Since I am feeling prolific tonight

This, from "Little Green Footballs:"

The Dark Corner of a Muslim Bookshop
Here’s a revealing look at the poisonous hatred being secretly peddled to Muslims in Britain while a friendly face is presented to the infidels, in the dark corner of a Muslim bookshop.
I popped into a Muslim bookshop yesterday to pick up material on the deeply weird world of Islamic Creationism for a book I’m writing. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric place – a cross between 84 Charing Cross Road and the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Friendly, too. “Community leaders” love hanging out there, and even non-Muslims stop off to buy stamps and phonecards.
I came away with an armful of books attacking the Theory of Evolution, portrayed as a vile conspiracy involving drug barons and Freemasons. No surprises there.
On the way out of the shop, a thought struck me. I asked: “Do you have a copy of...?” and I named one of the bestselling books in the Arab world.
“Oh, no, we don’t stock that,” replied the amiable young guy behind the counter.
I looked disappointed. “I was sure you had it. I only need it for reference purposes.”
The guy looked at me suspiciously for a second, then relented. “OK, just a moment,” he said, and headed for a dark corner of the shop where there was a pile of slim red paperbacks. He handed me a copy. “That’ll be six quid, please.”
The title of the book? You may have guessed by now: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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